Monday, May 02, 2011

No food, no bed, broken shoes - but a winning 65k time in 6:22!

Check out this story from the Sun Star:

21-year-old Aivan Villalon was the last to enter the Labor Day: Coast to Coast Run 65k, and could only do so after the town mayor picked up his travel expenses and entry fee. He then used the pre-race dinner for his only meal that day, slept in a cardboard box across the street from the start, and ran the race in his 3-year-old broken shoes.

He won the 65k race in 6:22.

Wow! That's the last time I complain about my hotel room the night before a race. ;-)



  1. Scott

    Your blog looks a good read and you're way ahead of me in both running and blogging, so I've now included your blog in my list of blogs to follow.


  2. That's crazy insane and awesome!!!

  3. I love this post! I took up riding 3 years ago.

  4. Wow, a cardboard box! He deserved to win!

  5. thank you for picking the story. aivan was a last-minute entry. i am the race organizer. good thing a runner's circle store of l.a. was generous enough to sponsor a pair of new running shoes for the top winners.


    jonel c mendoza

  6. I'm a little late to the game of running and I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm into cardio too these days because, like you, I can eat!!!! No more starving. I hope you'll write more about that in the future. I can get over what Aivan Villalon did - although I think that's taking dedication to a fault, but whatever floats his boat. I only wish I could do it!

    Carol Haup

  7. He won the 65k race in 6:22...that was just amazing.Really appreciable.

  8. Great story. I slept badly on a picnic table by the race start in the New Territories of Hong Kong for an hour or two prior to the first marathon I officially entered in the early 90's. However, I doubt I was the last to sign up and I did not win the race.

  9. Extremely motivational story. would love that.

    Scott, I am looking for an e-mail address where I can contact you. I have an opportunity for you involving Ultra Marathon Man Dean Karnazes, please contact me if you're interested

  10. Hi Scott,

    I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog.
    I am a BBC journalist in England and am writing a story about a UK runner I believe you have competed against.
    If you could drop me a line when you are free on it would be greatly appreciated.


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