Friday, May 20, 2011

Dog Bandits Half Marathon, Then Starts Blog

3-yr-old Dozer the Dog knew a party was happening when the Maryland Half Marathon went near his house, so he jumped the fence and joined the fun at mile 5...then finished!

RD's were so impressed, they gave him a finisher medal. Now he's got his own blog for fundraising. Pretty impressive pup! Now let's see if we can get him into the ultra scene. ;-)

- SD


  1. Dear Scott

    This is a nice site. If you ever want to come running in Kenya, give me a holler. My husband and I met at a Kenyan running club. Yours, Warigia

  2. Go Dozer! I'm a runner too -- love the wind at my back on the long distances -- a form of mind travel that keeps me sane!

  3. That's awesome. My dog can't run around the block without tripping me up.


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