Sunday, September 20, 2009

Naked Running (Video)

Have you ever met someone and had that strange feeling that you had seen them naked at some point in the past? I'm just now connecting why I felt that when meeting 5k World Champion Lauren Fleshman at the XTerra National Championships last weekend. She was in the Nike Naked Running Camp video!

These runners are certainly are more toned than the Bare to Breakers runners. But aren't all naked runners beautiful in their own way?

Need a bit more naked in your day? Be sure to check out this world record attempt for "most naked people on a theme park ride". It really makes you wanna wipe your seat down the next time you get on a roller coaster.


  1. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a pretty conservative/modest guy. But some time during my first 100K, it dawned on me that many chaffing problems could have been solved without clothes. Here's to naked running.

  2. Scott - where's your crosslink to the Injinji Nut Tsak?

  3. My wife and I were watching the National Track Championships when that commercial ran. Imagine our surprise at seeing her long ago high school flame as camp director! After seeing him naked, I knew why she dumped him ;-)

  4. Will it be distracting to the audience? Imagine watching an event with naked participants. Whew! lol....

  5. Distracting to the audience? They have something better to do than observe the contestants?


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