Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AJW's Record Triple Crown, Missing Ultrarunners Found

Here's an article about Andy Jones-Wilkins "unassailable" record of three top 10 finishes at Leadville, Western States, and Hardrock. The "triple crown"! Is this true that nobody has completed three top 10 finishes in these races in one year? Amazing performances by AJW this year, nonetheless.

Also note that Fidel Diaz and Maria Natera-Armenta, the two missing ultra runners in SoCal, have been found after going without water or food for three days. [Note - the article talks about the first runner found, and the second one was found by helicopter a few hours later] Don't forget to carry a map, people!



  1. But he was 11th at Western States

  2. I believe Joe Kulak had four top 10 finishes, including these three races, in 2003 when he set the record for the Grand Slam.

    And yes, AJW got 11th at States.

  3. Hey Scott - I know both those runners. I was quite amazed and shocked that this happened to them! Fidel has finished my 50K race twice and Gina won the 50M last year in a race that had a 43% finish rate. They are both very tough so it's not a surprise they made it (thankfully) through this ordeal! I don't know if there's a more remote/rugged area in those mountains where Gina could have found herself and still have been remotely close to a trail.

  4. AJW was actually the 10th male finisher at WS this year but 11th overall.


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