Friday, September 21, 2007

Corfield's Super Fuel Powers Him To 3rd Place at the Leadville 100

Boulder's Daily Camera did a great interview with surprise 3rd place Leadville 100 finisher, 48-year-old Charles Corfield. He finished in an amazing 19:42 in his first attempt. You can read the full article here.

(Charles Corfield sports his Leadville trophy, photo courtesy of Mark Leffingwell/Daily Camera)

Some great quotes from the article:

After a little research, Corfield says he arrived at his own, personal "rocket fuel" formula that keeps him going and, just as importantly, aids in a speedy recovery. "If you want to get carbohydrates in your system, maltodextrin is the best way I know," he says. His formula (see box) also includes whey protein and water, and he also crushes up a Rolaids for magnesium and calcium, and adds different flavoring for variety.

"I think having been exposed to people like Dave Mackey, Buzz Burrell, Darcy Africa, Peter Bakwin, Stephanie Ehret and Lisa Goldsmith certainly has a ruboff effect," he says. "I don't claim to be that good, but these are all unassuming people you can meet on the street who are superstars. That's actually quite inspirational to the rest of us."


  1. His first 100 miler and he finishes in UNDER 24 AND IN 3RD PLACE?! There's hope for me yet!!!

  2. Wow, Corfield sure made an impressive entrance to ultrarunning - at 48 years young no less!

    The latest issue of Ultrarunning Magazine has an article on maltodextrin and its' benefits as a source of fuel. I think I may have to start working on my own "rocket fuel."

    Thanks for passing this along, Scott. Your blog continues to be a great source of info.

  3. What about electrolytes? Maltodextrin is indeed a slow-release complex carb, and whey does helps prevent protein break-down on long runs, and I'm sure the rolaids helped with a queasy stomach, but I'd be interested in knowing if Corfield took any succeed pills, etc. for electrolyte replacement during Leadville...


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