Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Andy Jones Wilkins wins the Grand Teton 100-miler

AJ Wilkins added a win at the Grand Teton 100-miler this weekend (19:35, taking four hours off the course record) to match his win at the Vermont 100-miler and 4th place finish at Western States. What a season! Check out his blog entry to hear about the perfect race conditions, 20,000 feet of climbing, and the magic of Pringles when your stomach turns.
(Andy Jones Wilkins at the 2007 Grand Teton 100-miler, photo courtesy of Dreamchaser Events)

Matthew Hart of Seattle, WA, also beat the former course record with his second place finish in 20:53. Laurie Anderson of Jackson Hole, WY, won the Women's division in 27:45. Tim Arrington of Driggs, ID, won the 50-miler in 8:34, while Keri Wheeler of Jackson Hole, WY, won the Women's division in 9:15.


  1. I am amazed by the season Andy is putting together. Everyone out there should be happy for this guy - one of the true gentlemen of our sport. Watch for him to win the back end of his "Andy Slam" at Javelina and take a run at Karl's course record.

    Also, check out his recent Endurance Radio interview (Aug 16) for a great interview, including the most level-headed response to the Dean/Scott controversy yet.

  2. Andy is simply amazing. Amazing!

    As discussed in an earlier comment thread, I will be coordinating an interview with our very own Scott.

    If you have any questions for him, please post them over in my blog

    Looking forward to it!

  3. I am SO happy for Andy! Jasper's right - Andy is a true gentleman, and the support from his family at his races is always wonderful to witness, too.

    A friend of mine mentioned yesterday how great it was to read about Andy's race/win at Grand Teton on his blog - written so that anyone can relate to it. Andy is so approachable and supportive that it's easy for non-elites to feel a kinship with him.

    Andy is so deserving of the amazing season he's having - I can hardly wait to see him a bunch of times at Javelina!


  4. What Jasper said - a true gentlemen for sure, such humble and awesome person and an amazing runner. an ambassador for the sport! Seeing him do Teton was an experience, as was watching Matt and the girls and everybody else. Tetons is a great race to hang out and see development!

  5. Good for Andy! We really enjoyed interviewing him for EP and it's hard NOT to root for a guy like that.



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