Monday, August 20, 2007

Arbohgast and Lantz take 2007 USATF 100k Trail titles at Where's Waldo 100k

The official results are in - Meghan Arbogast and Mark Lantz have won the USATF 100k Trail Championships at the Where's Waldo 100k near Oakridge, OR, this weekend. Meghan (who guest blogged about the WW100k here last year) won overall and claimed the Women's Master title, with Jeff Browning coming in 2nd overall (not a Masters), and Mark Lantz overcoming a 40-minute detour to come in 3rd overall and 1st Male Master.

Here's the Top 10 (more results at the WW100k site):

1 Arbogast, Meghan 46 F Corvallis, OR 10:48:48
2 Browning, Jeff 36 M Bend, OR 10:50:35
3 Lantz, Mark 42 M Folsom, CA 10:56:13
4 Anderson-Abbs, Beverley 43 F Red Bluff, CA 11:09:08
5 Weatherley-White, Matthew 43 M Boise, ID 11:09:13
6 Burke, Mike 56 M Beaverton, OR 11:11:51
7 Murray, Mark 44 M Sacramento, CA 11:15:46
8 Clifton, Eric 49 M Winchester, CA 11:54:31
9 Stevens, Michael 38 M Hailey, ID 12:00:52
10 Petrie, Ragan 41 F Atlanta, GA 12:13:19

Nice work, guys!

- SD


  1. Check out Meghan's blog for her own report. She is an awesome runner - and a great person! It was a fun filled and somewhat crazy weekend at the race. Sorry for those who got sidetracked by sick idiots, but everybody showed true character.

  2. Right here Kate:

    I'm just glad I wasn't the person who put up the ribbons to face Meghan's ultra-wrath. (Read the blog and you'll see what I mean.)

  3. Jon, just to be clear, it wasn't that the ribbons were put up wrong. They were perfectly correct when the first of the early starters went through. They then got vandalized, then were corrected by Meghan, then were vandalized again. At least that is what was pieced together from runners reports. How very mean.

    On a brighter note, Scott, I got to meet your dad at Waldo. I decided to drop at halfway because of pain in my shin that I had experienced once before and didn't want turning into a stress fracture or sidelining me for weeks. Your dad was at that aid station and was incredibly helpful and kind. With him and Olga advising and supporting me, I knew I made the right decision, despite the tears. Please thank him for me!

  4. Thanks for the clarification Caroline. I wonder who would have hung out long enough in the area to mess with the ribbon markings twice and not get caught?

  5. Aside from the extra mileage, we all know how emotionally deflating it is to get majorly lost. I told Mark beforehand he had a decent chance to win the title, but this performance was truly exceptional.

    Hollis wrote a quick blurb posted on the PAUSATF website, but maybe you could ask Mark if he's willing to give you his account.


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