Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Anita Ortiz jumps into ultras

43-year-old Anita Ortiz of Eagle, CO, is one of the best short course trail runners in the US. Since 2002, she has earned four U.S. mountain running titles and finished among the top 11 in the world three times (she's also headed back this year!). She also has won a master's mountain running world championship and collected several U.S. and North American snowshoe running titles.

(Anita Ortiz winning the 2003 Pike's Peak Ascent)

Brian Metzler of the Rocky Mountain News wrote a great article about how injury steered Anita into ultrarunning last year (2nd at the White River 50m), and now she's happier than ever! Thought you might enjoy how a mother of four makes time for world-class training.

- SD

PS - Recovery seems to be going well. Lots of time in the pool, lots of time with Sophie. Still don't have consensus on the injury, but everyone agrees to stop running for a while. ;-(


  1. hi scott,

    we missed you at 12 hour at cool. good luck with recovery. enjoy the sophie cross training. :)



  2. Sophie is adorable:)
    Thanks for bringing our attention to a new ultrarunning star!

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  4. Scott,

    Great post once again. I always love it when these iron-lunged mountain runners move over to Ultras:) Ugh!

    And, I was wondering, is there a way I can contact you via email. Please drop me a note if possible:



  5. Thanks for the update on the injury. You came up in conversation this past weekend and I asked if anyone knew about the extent of the injury. Hope it recovers quickly and well.

    Thanks for the support and well wishes at Firetrails.

  6. Anna does less intensity, but has 100 mile weeks? Wow. My brain had a difficult time when I peaked at 60 MPW.

  7. Glad recovery is going well. That picture of you holding sohpie is just great. You look so happy :)


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