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Lon Freeman, Kami Semick win 2007 Miwok 100k (Marin Independent Journal)

Lon Freeman set a new course record of 8:09:52 in great conditions at the 2007 Miwok 100k this weekend. You know he had to be going fast to beat out the 2007 USATF 50k AND 100k Champion, Greg Crowther of Seattle, WA, and the super-fast John Olsen, Rod Bien, and Scott Jurek.

Kami Semick won the Women's division (and was the first Master's finisher) in 9:06, her fastest time on the course yet. She edged out Nikki Kimball and Bev Abbs for the win, despite still recovering from a chest cold.

The Marin Independent Journal did a good write up here. Top results are posted below.

- SD


1. Lon Freeman (32), Kensington, 8:09:52; 2. Greg Crowther (33), Seattle, WA, 8:31:31; 3. John Olson (32), Modesto, 8:35:48; 4. Rod Bien (34), Bend, OR, 8:43:17; 5. Scott Jurek (33), Seattle, WA, 9:04:07; 6. Tom Nielsen (47), Escondido, 9:16:30; 7. Michael Wedemeyer (32), Portland, OR, 9:21:10; 8. Erik Skaden (35), Folsom, 9:30:49; 9. Mark Lantz (41), Galt, 9:32:17; 10. Garrett Graubins (34), Oakland, 9:39:40; 11. Hiroki Ishikawa, JAPAN, 9:42:46; 12. Mark Gilligan (36), Oakland, 9:48:02; 13. Whit Rambach (40), Granite Bay; 9:55:11; 14. Tracy Moore (45), El Cajon, 9:56:07; 15. John Trent (44), Reno, NV, 10:17:50; 16. Ken Gregorich (48), Castro Valley, 10:19:41; 17. Simon Mtuy (35), TANZANIA, 10:19:41; 18. Glenn Mackie (45). Highland Village, TX, 10:23:32; 19. Scott Mills (55), Oceanside, 10:23:58; 20. Paul Sweeney (41), Truckee, 10:24:45.


1. Kami Semick (40), Bend, OR, 9:06:56; 2. Nikki Kimball (35), Bozeman, MT, 9:16:30; 3. Bev Anderson-Abbs (42), Red Bluff, 9:47:07; 4. Tara Dube (34), Cool, 10:18:20; 5. Jamie Donaldson (32), Littleton, CO, 10:25:58.


  1. BTW, nice job Garett Graubins with the top 10 finish!!!

    Who said having a newborn would affect your finish times. You're faster than ever!


  2. Scott,
    it was an amazing day out there. great conditions and so many great runners. whew! it was overwhelming! nice job on the big sur marathon! i'll see you out Tahoe 100 Miler where I'll be pacing Sean Meissner. If no one is crewing for you, let me know and I'd be happy to help you out as well.
    And Garett, sorry we didn't get to hang out more. Great job out there.
    Rod Bien

  3. It definitely was a great day out there saturday! I had the enjoyment of working at the Pan Toll aid station at mile 49.5 and got to see all the great athletes out there as they passed through (and hopefully provide them with the proper liquids and such :) )

    I witnessed a very cute scene when Kami Semick came through. Her husband and daughter were waiting for her at the aid station and her young daughter had been coached to "hand mommy the water bottle", by her dad. She did that quite well, but then spent the next 30 seconds or so holding out a flower, following her mom around shouting "mommy, I got you a flower!" in increasing volume while Kami was trying to quickly refuel before taking off. Finally Kami stopped, bent down, kissed her daughter and thanked her for the flower before powering off to that first place finish. It was really a sweet moment that showed the combination of her athletic talent and her love of her daughter :)

    Congrats to all the great runners who were out there racing!

  4. Scott,

    It might be time to have an interview with Rod, so we can find out just how he got so dang fast this year. I just about choked on my Gu20 when I saw how fast he was moving through Bolinas-Fairfax (where I was waiting to pace Mark Gilligan).


  5. Gidday Scott

    As a mate of Lons, it is great to see this quiet and unassuming guy come through blast the Miwok course.

    As someone noted on recent Runners World Forum discussion…

    “Lastly, though the Miwok 100K win seemed to come out of nowhere to stunning surprise, since 2004 he has basically won each/every one of the limited number of events entered, including...

    2004 Ohlone 50K (current age group course record)
    2004 Skyline 50K (course record)
    2005 Rucky Chucky 50K (course record)
    2006 Steven's Creek 50k (course record)
    2006 Muir Beach 50K (course record)”

    I look forward to any upcoming Lon Freeman interview.

    Cheers, Paul Charteris

  6. Rod - Congrats on your 4th place. Very impressive among that field! Thanks for your offer to help at TRT100 as well. I might take you up on that.

    Paul - You stole my thunder about Lon and his previous results. I first saw Lon pop up on results in 2004, at the 2004 Rucky Chucky 50k (4:21, a course record), and Vineman 1/2 Ironman (4:24, 3rd in age group), the Ultraman double-Ironman (3rd overall), and Los Angeles Crest 100 (20:38, 4th overall). I hadn't seen too many who were able to do so well across so many sports and distances. I raced with him at Rucky Chucky (well, I saw him coming the other way anyway), and he was very fast. It's great to have him focusing on ultras this year.

    If anyone knows how to get a hold of Lon, I would be happy to do an interview!

    Thx, SD

  7. Thanks for posting the Miwok info, Scott. Good job at Big Sur!

    I agree with you about Rod, Jasper - AND he was making it look easy when I saw him out on the ridge, looking all relaxed and chatty! Great job, Rod!

    Hope we see you soon, Scott - thanks, as always, for the blog.


  8. Rod -

    The public has spoken! Send me your e-mail contact info (to scottdunlap at so we can set up an interview. I can selfishly sneak in some TRT questions too. ;-)


  9. Lon,

    It would be great to hear about your training. Seeing you finish at Muir Beach in December was very inspirational and fueled my enthusiasm for trail running. Congratulations on Miwok and I hope to see you at Ohlone.


  10. Thanks for the kudos, Scott. I like to think that I won the New Dad Division (thereby taking home the binky trophy). Not bad for a sleep-deprived guy who changes more diapers per week than miles he runs.

    I was most impressed by Rod Bien's performance. It was incredible. I was able to run with him last year, but only a very small number of people can keep up with that stud this year! Way to go Rod! You've elevated your running to whole different stratosphere. I'm psyched to see how far you go this summer.

    - Garett Graubins

  11. Scott, now you get a list of runners to interview! Thanks for the link Freeman sets Miwok 100K record, but I want more from your interviews on those top runners :-)

    I enjoyed the run and took pictures while you're absent :-) See 070505 Miwok 100K. I had troubles early on several bad ankle twists, which almost forced me to quit. I ran better after turnaround, but missed a turn before the last climb. It cost me 30 min and I had my first over 12hr run on sub-100 milers. Miwok 100K is a great run that I'm proud to participate.

    See you Sat. at Quicksilver!


  12. Chihping - Sounds like you had a fun-filled day!

    Wonderful pics too! Thanks for the link.


  13. Garett -

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you were 2nd in the New Dad category...Greg Crowther and his wife had their first child in Nov, 2006!

    Now everyone knows our secret...sleep deprivation is the key!



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