Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In Memoriam - Ultrarunner Lisa Conover

Ultrarunner Lisa Conover from Appleton, WI, died unexpectedly last week at age 48. Here was a quote from an e-mail forwarded to me:
"Many of you may have known Lisa Conover -- ultrarunner from Appleton, WI. She has run everything from Western States to Old Pueblo to MiWok to many of our Midwest ultras. Lisa collapsed at home -- from the initial info I got, I think it was this morning -- and Gary (husband) called 911. She was pronounced dead on the scene. Lisa had not been feeling well the past week or so, but evidently her symptoms didn't seem too serious. Perhaps flu-like...I'll share further info when it is available. Of course, if someone else out there in ultraland has more information, please let us know."

(Lisa Conover posing with the 1999 Ultra Grand Slam crew -
she is second from the right in the back row)

I didn't have the pleasure of knowing her, but it's clear many of you did. My heart is out to her friends and family.

Another ultrarunner forwarded me this partial list of ultras she has run. One thing for sure, Lisa definitely lived life to the fullest.

- SD

51 Leona Divide 50 Mile Run and 28.4 Mile S 2007 50m 10:29:53
50 San Juan Trail 50K 2007 50k 07:25:37
49 Wild Wild West 50k 2007 50k 06:12:17
48 Angeles Creset 100 Miles Endurance Run 2006 100m 28:20:00
47 Kettle Moraine 100 mile (solo and relay) 2006 100k 14:09:53
46 Bandera 100km 50km 25km 2005 100k 13:56:45
45 Ice Age Trail 50 2005 50m 10:06:18
44 Rocky Raccon 50 Miles 2005 50m 09:22:24
43 McNaughton Park Trail Runs 2005 50m 10:09:35
42 MiWok 100k 2005 100k 13:01:35
41 Western States 100 Miles Endurance Run 2005 100m 27:12:00
40 Angeles Crest 100 Miles Endurance Run 2004 100m 29:21:00
39 Bandera 100km 50km 25km 2004 50k 06:39:40
38 Leona Divide 50 Mile Run and 28.4 Mile S 2004 50m 11:00:13
37 Ice Age Trail 50 2004 50m 10:22:41
36 Kettle Moraine 100 mile (solo and relay) 2004 100m 24:55:23
35 Afton Trail 50KM 2004 50k 06:00:45
34 Rocky Raccon 50 Miles 2004 50m 09:47:57
33 McNaughton Park Trail Runs 2004 50m 10:33:41
32 Grasslands Run 50 miles 2003 50m 09:26:42
31 Where's Waldo 100k 2003 100k 17:10:13
30 Kettle Moraine 100 mile (solo and relay) 2003 100k 13:47:31
29 Leona Divide 50 Mile Run and 28.4 Mile S 2002 50m 10:32:36
28 IronMan Wisconsin 2002 142m 14:06:09
27 John F. Kennedy 50 Mile 2002 10:11:10
26 MiWok 100k 2002 100k 13:40:59
25 Western States 100 Miles Endurance Run 2002 100m 27:24:12
24 Angeles Creset 100 Miles Endurance Run 2001 100m 28:20:12
23 Leona Divide 50 Mile Run and 28.4 Mile S 2001 50m 10:18:54
22 Ice Age Trail 50 2001 50m 09:27:22
21 San Diego 1 Day Run 2001 24h 104.2800
20 Vermont Trail 100 Miles Endurance Run 2001 100m 23:14:33
19 Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run 2000 50m 12:22:00
18 Leona Divide 50 Mile Run and 28.4 Mile S 2000 50m 10:27:49
17 Ice Age Trail 50 2000 50m 09:44:37
16 Western States 100 Miles Endurance Run 2000 100m 26:33:10
15 Old Dominion 100 Mile One Day Endurance 1999 100m 23:32:14
14 Leona Divide 50 Mile Run and 28.4 Mile S 1999 50m 10:23:24
13 Ice Age Trail 50 1999 50m 09:43:42
12 Leadville Trail 100 Miles Endurance Run 1999 100m 28:39:37
11 Wasatch Front 100 Miles Endurance Run 1999 100m 32:47:00
10 Western States 100 Miles Endurance Run 1999 100m 28:03:44
9 Angeles Creset 100 Miles Endurance Run 1998 100m 30:09:56
8 Bulldog 50K Ultra Run 1998 50k 06:12:22
7 Ice Age Trail 50 1998 50m 10:25:49
6 Afton Trail 50KM 1998 50k 05:19:06
5 Ice Age Trail 50 1997 50m 10:18:20
4 Afton Trail 50KM 1997 50k 05:34:25
3 Afton Trail 50KM 1996 50k 05:53:29
2 John F. Kennedy 50 Mile 1996 11:32:50
1 John F. Kennedy 50 Mile 1995 11:47:26


  1. Look at all those races. Even a finish at IM Mooooo. I didn't know her either but I was touched by the emails on the ultra list remembering her.

  2. Scott -

    The funeral service was today. Here's the announcement; donations still being accepted:

    Lisa Conover

    Tuesday evening, May 22, 2007 Lisa J. Conover died unexpectedly at
    her home in Neenah, Wisconsin. She was born in Denver, Colorado on
    June 11, 1958 and grew up in North Dakota. She earned her bachelor’s
    degree from The University of Montana. She is survived by her
    husband, Gary G. Conover, her two sons, Eric and Chad Kempen, her
    mother and father Cleo and C. James Cieminski, two sisters and one
    brother, Judy Cowan, Patti Lunak, and Cort Cieminski and two step
    sons, Zachariah and Joshua Conover.

    Lisa was passionate about her running and the deserts and the
    mountains of the Southwest. She also liked people. Since 1996 she had
    completed 103 ultra marathons which included thirteen 100 mile runs
    and she successfully completed the Grand Slam of Ultra Running. Her
    favorite 100 mile race was the Angeles Crest 100 in the mountains
    outside of Los Angeles. She taught herself to swim so she could do
    the Ironman Triathlon in Madison, Wisconsin in 2002.

    She married Gary Conover on March 26, 1991 in Harris County Texas and
    he introduced her to the deserts in Southern California where he grew
    up. Lisa loved running in the deserts, even when it was well past 115
    degrees, and particularly liked hiking and running in Joshua Tree
    National Park. When she only wanted a short 10 or 15 mile run she
    would run up Mt. Eisenhower in the Living Desert which is in Palm
    Desert. She was planning to move to Palm Desert, California, so she
    would be able to train every day in the desert she loved. She was
    also pursuing the idea of starting a running company in Palm Desert.
    Her husband crewed for her at all her races and was always
    encouraging her and protective of her. Many times he would tell her
    to “pick up the pace” just to make her smile. During her races their
    mantra was to have fun, do the best you can in this race today, and
    not get hurt.

    She will be remembered by her family and friends and fellow runners
    for her smile, her positive attitude, and her pony tail swinging as
    she ran. And her husband will always remember her tender eyes, her
    beautiful smile, and their love and friendship.

    A memorial service to celebrate Lisa’s life will be held at the
    Wichmann Funeral Home at 537 North Superior Street in Appleton on
    Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 11:00 a.m. In lieu of flowers her husband
    requests that donations be made in her name to the Living Desert at:

    The Living Desert
    Attn: Shirley
    47-900 Portola Avenue
    Palm Desert, California 92260-9817

  3. What was the cause of death? Having been into ultra sports for over 30 yrs I've seen a lot of our partners in the passion die from various things. Please do let us know as until the veil is lifted we don't know the face of the Advesary to watch for.

  4. My name is Detective Jerry Lingnofski of the Town of Menasha Police Department. I am investigating the death of Lisa Conover and would like to speak to some of her friends. Feel free to contact me at 920-720-7158. If I am out of the office I do have secure voicemail where you can leave a message.

    Thank You

  5. Cleo Cieminski6/15/2010 08:46:00 PM

    I am Lisa Conover's mom. I miss Lisa so much and her dad is devastated. it is so nice to know how many people thought highly of her. She was a wonderful daughter and sister. How proud we were and still are of her. Cleo


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