Monday, November 20, 2006

"Inside Dirt" Calls It Quits After One Year

After one short year, Trail Runner Magazine is shutting down the "Inside Dirt" e-zine.

Subscribers to the e-mail magazine got the following notification this weekend:

"Dear Inside Dirt Reader :

We hope you have been enjoying our monthly digital newsletter "Inside Dirt." We are sorry to announce that we are only publishing one more issue. Your last copy of Inside Dirt will be emailed on December 15.
We have decided to better serve you and our Trail Runner readers by putting more energy into the magazine and enhancing our website (

The website will feature a brand-spanking-new look very soon, and include more fresh content and a deeper archive well.
With Issue 43 (December-January), we’ve also given the magazine a facelift, with a cleaner design. We hope you enjoy these changes.

Happy trails!

The staff at Trail Running Magazine"

Rumor has it that Inside Dirt got less than 200 subscribers at the $1/month fee. It appears this wasn't enough to keep it going, even though their content was free (since it was provided by readers). Too bad - I thought the reader-provided content was a nice alternative to the glossy TRM magazine. Perhaps we will find those contributors in the blogosphere soon enough.

On a side note, TRM is also running a new contest to give away two entries to the Costa Rica Coastal Challenge in San Jose, Costa Rica (entries only - you pay for flights). If interested, you can enter online here.

- SD


  1. Scott-
    Are u doing the Woodside 50k this year on 12/2? I want to meet you there.


  2. Excellent! Congrats on your first trail run. I suspect it is the beginning of a lifelong obsession.

    I must have just missed you out there today. I was running the Crystal Springs Trail/Dean Trail/Richards Road this morning. It was very nice!


  3. Barb -

    I hope to run the Woodside 50k next Sat, but am flying in from NYC late on Friday night. If the flight makes it in time, I will see you there!



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