Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gift Suggestion - The Trail Running Calendar

In case you're looking for a feel-good gift to give to your fellow trail runner, Seattle-based photographer and ultrarunner Glenn Tachiyama put together a trail running calendar that looks great. It includes all the big ultras on the calendar, and some of Glenn's fabulous photo work. Last year, Glenn (and friends) raised $3,600 for the Washington Trails Association thanks to the popularity of the calendar.

You can view the photos and purchase the calendar here on

Cheers, SD


  1. SD...Thanks so much for the plug! I know your blog is viewed by thousands of readers, and I can't thank you enough for spreading the word. I must mention that this project was a group effort and I had a lot of help from Kendra Borgmann, Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs and Tony Phillippi.

    To view larger sized images that are used in the calendar, click on "gtach"

  2. I didn't realize such a calendar exists. Thanks for the heads up. I got of a couple of pals who would enjoy these calendars. A win+win+win situation for me. Support Glen, Zombie Runner and have a great gift that will appreciated by fellow trail running enthusiats.

    Actually the parents might get a copy. They don't quite know what to make about all this ultra running stuff but they'll sure appreciate the pictures.

  3. Yes, this is a great idea. My hat is off the Glen and his team for making it happen!

  4. Glen let me know that thanks to a matching gift from Bank of America, his sponsors, the team that put it together, and the many supporters who bought a calendar, he recently wrote a check for $5,150 to Washington State Trails.

    Nice work, Glen and team!!!!



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