Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm a Dad! Welcome to the World, Sophie Jane...

I know it's not trail running-related, but I just can't help myself from posting the big news. I became on dad on Friday! Sophie Jane was born on September 1st, 7 lbs and 4 oz. Mom and baby are doing great.

(Me and two-hour old Sophie)

The whole birth process was incredible. Christi was amazing. I will say this much - after "pacing" Christi through the labor, I think every mom should get an honorary membership into the ultrarunning club. It has all the same elements - courage, pacing, hydration, the equivalent of 2,000 sit ups, and you feel like you've been hit by a train by the time you're done. Bravo to all Moms!

(Sophie sacks out in my hand - we sure are small when we start out!)

My sleep deprivation skills should be in top form by the Tahoe 72 in four weeks. Let the fun begin! I will see y'all soon.



  1. Scott and Christy,
    Congratulations! I was thinking about your family while running Where's Waldo 100k, as I know that was the due date. How fantastic to have a healthy new addition. You both should be very proud. Congratulations again.
    tom riley, Woodburn, Oregon

  2. congratulations to the new mommy and daddy!!

  3. Scott,
    Congratulations!! It is definitely the most amazing thing to become a dad. It makes training challenging!! So happy to hear the baby is happy and healthy. Good luck with the sleep!

    Rod Bien
    Bend, OR

  4. Scott,


    Best wishes to you, Christi, and Sophie Jane!


  5. Super fun, and congrats to both of you.

    John F, Menlo Park

  6. Congratulations, Scott. Enjoy the ride.

  7. Congratulations. The sleep deprivation will be good for training :-).

    Cheers Plu

  8. SO happy for you and Christie- enjoy her- she looks lovely!


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  10. congratulations!

    And good luck for your race

    T@z from Singapore

  11. Congratulations!
    Being a parent is an ultra-enjoyable experience.

    Bad Ben

  12. Congratulations!

    It'll be a great challenge to run while caring your family. I remember I made my 1/2 marathon PR after nearly stop running for the first month of my second baby :-) Hope you get the same fresh muscle in Tahoe 72.

    Best to Sophie, new mommy, and daddy.


  13. Get ready for the greatest run of your life! Good work, Scott and all the best. I got into trail running this year and your blog has been a nice element of my indoctrination. Thanks for keeping me informed and I wish you the very best on parenthood.

  14. Congratulations! I wish you, Christi, and little Sophie all the best as your new family begins a wonderful long run together.

  15. Thanks so much for all your well wishes! It really means a lot. Keep us in your thoughts as you run this week!


  16. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby and a beautiful name! My best to you and your family!

  17. My gorgeous niece!

    Scott, you look so natural with the baby already, you and Christi will be great parents.

    A beautiful name for a beautiful baby! Suri and Shiloh have nothing on Sophie...:)

    - Betty

  18. Aww, and she is so adorable! Congartulations to Mom and Dad!

  19. Congratulations to you and Christi. Sophie Jane is very cute!

  20. Belated congrats. I'm way behind on my reading.

  21. Congratulations! She is a beauty!


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