Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Run On The Wild Side (LA Times)

The LA Times wrote a big article this weekend on trail running, including quotes from the 2005 TRM Marathon-and-Under Series Champion, Dale Reicheneder. A few of the interesting tidbits include:

"A 2002 study by researchers at Ithaca College compared the moods of college students who ran indoors with those who ran outdoors. The report, published at a conference of the American College of Sports Medicine, found the outdoor runners not only had brighter moods but ran faster than the indoor runners."

"Trail running is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports...the average runner hits the trails nearly 30 times a year, one of the highest participation rates of any outdoor sport, according to the foundation survey."

Also, links to the "5 best trails in Southern California" and local running clubs. Kudos to Hugo Martin for a great article!



  1. Whoa. If the LA Times is coverig trail running, perhaps the sport has already "jumped theshark".

    That's a Hollywood term for overhyped, ha, ha.


  2. I hope it doesn't get too popular. I still like my peace and quiet on the trail rather than trying to weave through the masses.

  3. trail!!!

  4. Scott -

    I enjoyed speaking with you on the phone today. I really think you should write up what you said about the Xterra Nevada Passage thing, in particular about missing the local dive bars and restaurants. That's the best part of your blog for travel planning for sure.

    And you are always welcome at The Washoe Club (formerly the Millionaire's Club) in Virginia City. Hope to see you and Kristy there soon!

  5. What's the XTerra scoop? I like their races.


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