Saturday, February 11, 2006

Jones-Wilkins and Pacheco Rock the US 100 Mile Championships, and other stories

A couple of headlines for all you trail runners:

Wilkins And Garner Win USA 100 Mile Trail Titles

Andy Jones-Wilkins rocked the Rocky Raccoon 100 to finish 2nd in 14:56:55, good enough to win the USA 100-Mile Trail Championships. His teammate Jorge Pacheco (from Mexico, although he frequents Southern California) came in first in an amazing 13:16:56 - just seconds off the world record. Connie Gardner from Medina, OH, clocked an amazing 17:04 to clinch 1st female, and the women's US title.

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The "Running Man" of Baltimore

The Baltimore Sun did a great article on Keith Boissiere, a local ultrarunner. I don't get the impression he runs a lot of organized ultra races, but his solo 50-mile one way runs to Washington, DC (and a bus ride home) definitely shows he has the ultra spirit. He sounds like a great guy.

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Scott Jurek, the King of Ultramarathoning

A write-up on Scott's back-to-back wins at Western States and Badwater last year. A good one for those of you who just finished the Death Valley Marathon. So much for "I don't do roads"!

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Happy training!



  1. Hey Scott,

    Connie Gardner is from Medina, Ohio.

  2. Thanks for catching that! I corrected it above and re-ping'd for the RSS update. Much obilged.

  3. IT will be interesting to see what Jurek is able to do at Freescale Austin Marathon on th 19th.

  4. Scott

    How do I reach you to get info on advertising on your blog.

    Dave Jabas

  5. Hey Scott, thanks for stopping by. Hope you're doing well!


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