Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Funemployment (New Story for Like The Wind Magazine, Issue #19)

I'm super excited to be a contributor for Like The Wind magazine for their next quarterly issue (#19). My story, "Funemployment", explores how running calms and amplifies the emotional and spiritual roller coaster in life's grand adventure. The story is accompanied by some amazing original art from Rosie Leech, alongside many other great articles, illustrations, and photography. I am very excited to be a part of it!

(Issue #19 - Coming soon!)
If you aren't familiar with Like The Wind, I highly recommend checking it out. Founded in 2014 by runners/artists Simon and Julie Freeman, this UK-based magazine is unlike anything you'll see on the newsstands. Once a quarter, they put out a 100+ page, ad-free treasure trove of long form stories and original art that get to the heart and passion of "why we run". Each issue is a work of art, beautifully assembled by the Freemans and co-director Imogene Lees, with a lot of help from inspired volunteers and contributors. It continues to be one of my favorite gifts to give, and by far the most read tome on the coffee table.

If you'd like to read the article, please help out the Like the Wind team by buying an issue or subscription. As you can probably tell, this effort is driven by love of the sport, so every dollar helps keep it going. For you podcast listeners, I would also highly suggest listening to Mario Fraoli's 2018 interview with Simon Freeman. You'll love it!

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