Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Smiling Runners of the BayTrailrunners 2018 Whiskey Hill Half/Marathon/50k

There's nothing quite like the first long run of newly-minted funemployment, and to my delight, the BayTrailrunners Whiskey Hill Half/Marathon/50k was in progress! Had I not been focused on making pancakes for the kids, I could have made the start line. Regardless, it meant lots of smiling faces to share my delicious home trails on a perfect early Fall morning. I got a few pics below...

(Out front and feeling good)

(The great volunteers at the Wunderlich aid station)

(First hill done!)

(Rock on, my brother!)

(Working together)

(The pole advantage!)

(Feeling small among the giants)
(Here come the half marathoners!)

(She was flying all day!)


(This kid was crushing all day)

(Among the giants)

(Smiling at the top!)


(Still crushing! Look at this guy drop his Dad (ha, ha)!

(Making gravity work for him)

(Canopy is lush this time of year)


(Stand tall, like the trees)

(Welcome to the greatest earth on show!)

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