Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Well, That Didn't Work

Well, that didn’t work.

I shut down this blog with the best of intentions, truly. A few precious hours regained.

But in the absence of blogging I have found, quite selfishly, that writing is more catholicon than chore. It helps shape the narrative of my overloaded life, rather than add to its burden. The constant search for a story arc is this meditative connective tissue that fuses dreams and reality, and provides much needed agency for humility, courage, and meaning. Plus it helps me find cool new words like “catholicon”. ;-) 

Storytelling is a great personal escape, it turns out. I have so much going on my life – moving to Austria, the family thriving and exploding all at once, embracing my 50’s and its inevitable second half hyperreality, a new continent full of Ironman and ultrarunning events, all while night high diving into a career with adidas - it would be very easy to retreat into the chaos. But in writing the story, one finds meaning. Meaning reinforces purpose, and purpose becomes the supernova that fuels a life well lived.

(Happy 2020, everyone! Ringing in the new decade in Salzburg with Sophie, Christi, and in-laws Brian and Jen)
So here’s the deal, me. We are going to blog. We will make the time to rise above the day-to-day chaos, rediscover the collective humor and adventure around us, and write. We won’t move to distraction platforms (distractforms?) like TikTok or Twitter, and will keep it old school and long form. We will create and capture the stories worth sharing, so they can compound through sharing, inviting others into a world of adventure, fitness, and the transcendence of nature against the daily struggles of life.

Basically, our “mic drop” moment failed. So pick it back up. Ahem!

[clears throat] And here we go….

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