Tuesday, August 01, 2017

New Skyline Trail In The Works for Woodside/San Mateo?

Good news! The San Francisco Planning Department is investigating the environmental impact of a new trail that would allow hikers/runners to run all the way from Huddart Park/Phleger Estate to Hwy 92 (and potentially beyond)! It's part of the Bay Area Trail initiative to make a 500-mile loop around the entire Bay Area.

(Excerpt from the proposal - red is the new trail, yellow is a new easement, blue are trails that exist but on a permit basis only today)
Those that know this ridge can attest this would be some great trail running. Here's a snapshot of the view of this spot from last night, with the sun setting into the marine cloud layer as it rolls in from the ocean. Once the air cooled, the clouds came in like a flume...this will make for some epic hikes and runs!


  1. Nice! Additions to the Bay Area Ridge Trail (nb "Ridge" -- not to be confused with the "San Francisco Bay Trail", which is a separate project that's trying to put a loop trail around the bay as close to the water as possible) are few and far between these days because they already dedicated all of the public lands available and are now having to negotiate with or wait out private landowners for easements (except for a few years back when they rerouted the far-north bits even further north to avoid a particularly problematic area).

    I used to do some volunteer work with the BART folks; they're good people. Glad to see that more of the peninsula BART trails are becoming connected!

  2. Be sure to follow http://www.openthewatershed.org/ . There are people who opposed because... well because it's the Bay Area.


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