Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My New Race T Is Awesome! Almost...

When Rabbit and created a special edition Elite Race-Her-Back Ultrarunner tank top featuring top women trail runners, I knew I had to have one. Featuring amazing women athletes from our sport in a clever "in the know" kind of way, it was bound to be a great conversation piece, a source of inspiration, and a fun way to talk about my favorite sport with my girls.

When I showed it to my 10- and 6-year-old daughters, however, they asked "Where's Devon? Where's Bev? Where are those other female trail runners you are always talking about?". Hmmm, they had a point. So I swung down to Michael's and got some lettering and made a few modifications.

I'm not much a crafts kind of guy, so I was stoked that it turned out least up right until the point I realized I had misspelled Gunhild Swanson's first name. DOH!!! Blew it. I'm such a doofus. Guess I'll have to make another! But the right idea, I think.

To the women who inspired me to get on the trails, and those who inspire me daily to keep at it, my heartfelt thanks for just being you. I couldn't possibly fit all your names on here, but YOU!!! are on there!

See you on the trails...


(All fixed!)


  1. That's awesome, spelling issue and all! I'm a bit curious - it looks like your letters are all upper-case, which made it impossible to match the title-case of the original names, but then you managed a lower-case "i" in "YiOU" - was that "i" custom made? (And I'll bet you can't believe that anyone noticed this. It's my secret power.)

    1. You are amazing! Yes, I could only find all caps letters that were of the same size. But I know YiOU appreciates getting the letters right so I cut a capital "I" down to size.

      I asked a printer to match the fonts, but he said I would ruin the original letters in the process of adding new ones. Now that I've misspelled Gunhild, I think I'll get a blank shirt this time and start again so it all matches.

      And shrink the font to add 20 more names!!! :-)

    2. When this idea first came up and there was much agonizing over what names to include, I thought it would have been fun to make a word cloud sort of thing so that there could be many names. (There would never be enough room for all though!)

  2. Who is The Queen? The rest I googled - some amazing ladies!

    1. Meghan "The Queen" Arboghast (now Meghan Canfield Laws) is one of USA's best distance runners of all time. Many national teams, 10x sub-24 finisher at Western States, and still crushing it. Google her name and prepare for your jaw to drop...

  3. next one with all the top men on

  4. What a lovely idea and definitely a conversation piece! It's a really good way to shout out to those who've inspired you :D
    Inspirational women!!

    Rachel | Coffee & Avocados


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