Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You've Qualified for the Boston Marathon - What Corral Will You Be In?

You've done the hard part and qualified for Boston...but what wave and corral will you be in? Thanks to folks like Greg Maclin at MyMarathonPace.com who study the numbers religiously, you can get a pretty good idea with his chart.

The times in each cell represent the maximum qualifying time for that corral, and race numbers reflect the corral (#100-1000 in Corral #1, #1001-2000 in Corral #2, etc.). So the slowest runner in Corral #1 last year ran a 2:46:36. That's pretty fast to get a sub-1,000 number, and getting faster each year!

It's fascinating to see how little time separates those in the second and third waves...a minute here or there could be the difference of 1,000 on your number.

For 2017, you'll likely get your official number in early March. Fingers crossed!

- Scott

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  1. Thanks for posting. I ran a 2:58 and was wondering where I will be. Looks like Wave 1 in Corral 4 or 5.


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