Monday, March 21, 2016

Come to the 420 Games in Santa Monica on 3/26! (Free 4.2 mile race, 50% off the party)

Will you be near Santa Monica, CA, this weekend? If so, I would like to cordially invite you to join me, Eaze, and a few hundred runners at the 420 Games, a 4.2 mile fun run near the Santa Monica Pier to raise awareness and break the stigma around cannabis use. The race is Saturday morning, and is followed by a Lagunitas Brewery beer tasting, a comedy show, and a reggae concert by Pato Banton, so even if you don't "toke the funny", you can come out and hang with some cool people in the sunshine. Just use this link to get a free ticket and 50% off the party festivities, thanks to Eaze.

As a trail runner who works in the cannabis industry, I have often wondered how the two worlds might join hands. At a spiritual level, it feels like they have a lot in common, and chemically the runner's high is quite similar to THC. I guess it was either a fun run like this or the marijuana equivalent of the "beer mile", which would likely have a finish rate equivalent of the Barkley Marathons. So the fun run it is!

Since I have already received a number of emails, I'm going to present some Frequently Asked Questions below for your enjoyment (all actual questions asked):


Is it true that all bib numbers will be #420? 

Yes, everyone gets the same garage-wall-worthy #420 on their race bib. I mean, honestly...don't you want to say you were part of the movement back in the day?

What is the term "420" all about, anyway?

The term "420" is thought to have come from San Rafael, CA, in the early 70's where the police code 420 meant "marijuana smoking in progress". It soon spread through the music community to refer to cannabis-related activities ("this concert is 420-friendly"), and in a classic entrepreneurial move, April 20th (4/20) was dubbed the unofficial American cannabis holiday. In the cannabis industry, 4/20 has a massive sales spike similar to Christmas for most retailers.

Will marijuana edibles be served at the aid stations?

Um, yeah...that's a big NO. But I bet the aid stations are extra stocked with lots of Oreos and M&M's.

Is this a WADA-enforced event, and will there be blood testing for doping at the finish line?

No, this isn't a WADA-enforced event, but yes, we will blood test to see who has the highest (ha, ha) THC content at the finish line. Anyone over 150 ng/ml gets a special trucker hat. Just kidding, of course. No, the point of this event is to have fun and show that not all cannabis supporters are lazy stoners that sit on the couch. Although I will be doing some of that after the party, most likely.

Will Avery Collins be there? Will you and Avery run 30 miles to the start of the race?

Yes, Avery Collins, the first marijuana-sponsored professional ultra marathoner, will be there. He had a great interview on UltraRunnerPodcast last month, btw. We have no plans to turn this into the first 420 ultra...not this time anyway!

What is the grand prize for winning...a three foot joint? 

Eaze will be giving away a $500 Eaze gift certificate to the male and female winners (that's a lot of green!), which should be enough to roll a five foot joint if you so desire. You would need some mad rolling skills though.

Are costumes allowed? Will you be wearing one?

Absolutely. ;-)

Does Eaze deliver in the Santa Monica area?

Yes, Eaze can connect you with our favorite dispensaries in the area so you can get quality medical marijuana in less than 20 minutes. Click here to get $20 off your first three orders.

Will there be good looking single young men and women there? athletic event for cannabis-friendly people held on a beach in sunny LA, followed by tasty beer, comedy, and a free concert. Yeah, probably no eligible young people there at all.

Do I need a valid California Medical Marijuana Recommendation from a doctor to be in the race?

No, all are welcome to walk, run, or just come hang out. For those who don't know, the Recommendation is the document required to purchase medical marijuana in California. Here's something interesting - below is a picture of a doctor's recommendation for alcohol in 1929, when the US was deep in prohibition. A fascinating parallel, no?

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