Friday, October 30, 2015

Two Great Infographics - Top 5 Marathons, Ale Trail in North Lake Tahoe

Ah, the infographic - a fun way to put data, tips, and images into one sweeping graphic or interactive map! Here are a couple that recently caught my eye -

Fairmont has some top tips for the biggest marathons...check out the expert tip for the Boston Marathon!

In a pure stroke of genius, the local breweries of North Lake Tahoe put together an interactive map of both trails and local pubs and brew houses. These guys know their clientele!


  1. Nice tip. :)

    I found the touting of Boston Marathon "leading the charge" to allow women into marathons laughable. It was five years after Katherine Switzer was almost pulled from the course that they decided their uteruses wouldn't fall out.

    Compare to the Pike's Peak marathon, which allowed women from the very start. And had its first woman finish in 1959.

    Of course, that's just in the U.S. The first woman to be timed in a marathon was in Great Britain, in 1926.

    1. Ha! That's a good point. And Pikes Peak is one helluva harder race too.

  2. That would make for a great pub run...


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