Sunday, January 11, 2015

Scenes from the 2015 Coastal Trail Runs Crystal Springs 50k

On my long run today, I caught the Coastal Trail Runs Crystal Springs 50k in action here in Woodside, CA. It's so awesome to see my home trails full of smiling runners crushing hills! Especially on a 50-60 degree classic California day.

I shot a few hundred photos, but per usual, only a few came out alright - runners, volunteers, and CTR RD's welcome to use them for any purposes. Thank you all for coming to visit our parks!

(Beat the sun to the top!)

(Jason Reed never misses this race!)

(The amazing Jennifer Devine Pfeiffer, tuning up for the Rocky Raccoon 100m...I'm pretty sure that pony tail is straight back all the time)

(I surrender! But I'm going to keep climbing...)

(Making the last climb look like a stroll)

(Bad ass trail runners wear pink any time they want)

(Thou shall not pass!)

(Biggest smile award goes to...)

(This guy is such a rock star...ran the whole climb!)

(Could be an angel...)


  1. Scott -

    Appreciate the support and the pics!

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  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures and for the encouragement on the trail!

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