Thursday, November 20, 2014

Beer Mile World Championships on Dec 3rd - Are You Ready?!?

The first annual Flotrack Beer Mile World Championships will happen in Austin, TX, on December 3rd this year. My big question is...who is going to represent the ultrarunners?!?

I mean, honestly, who could be better at doing four laps with a beer per lap than an iron-stomach, beer-loving, already-can-run-fast-when-dizzy ultra runner? The competition is tough, however - track and field elites are coming out in droves, meticulously training their way to sub 5-minute finish times. But I suspect we've got a ringer out there somewhere.

The Beer Mile is no walk-on event. Lance Armstrong, no stranger to competing while under the influence (as well as a former Michelob Ultra spokesperson), only made it one lap in his attempt to qualify. But with proper training, you might have world champ potential. Just ask Austin local Chris Kimbrough, who at age 44 (and with SIX kids!), just set a Women's WR of 6:28.

Chris Kimbrough Breaks the Women's Beer Mile World Record

Lance Armstrong Bails On First Lap In Beer Mile Attempt

If you know of an ultra runner going, let me know so we can cheer them on! I can't wait to see the head-to-head competition...they better bring some buckets for the finish line. ;-)


  1. Closer to home (in SF) will be the REAL beer mile championships. The one with the world record holder and the fastest from Canada and Australia. Stay tuned!!

  2. I would love to try this just to see how hard it really is. My time might be measured in hours, but it could be fun. Or maybe not. (I'm such a lightweight drinker that four beers, even light ones, would do some serious damage to my judgement.)

  3. John Burton reminded me on Facebook of his Beer 2-Mile Run from last year. Eight beers! Now that's how an ultra runner rolls. ;-)


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