Monday, October 06, 2014

Western States 100m Expands List of Qualifying Races for 2016

Ultrarunners looking to run a qualifier for the 2016 Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run will find a few more options next year, particularly if you are an international runner. Here are the races that were added and removed for 2016:

Race Distance State/Country Region Month Time
Eiger Ultra Trail 101k Switzerland Intl 7  22 hour
Endurance Trail des Templiers 111k France Intl 10  19 hour
Fat Dog 120m Canada Intl 8 Finisher
Georgia Death Race 60m Georgia South 3  21 hour
Kierat 100k Poland Intl 5  27 hour
Krakonosova Stovka 100k Czech Republic Intl 6  22 hour
La Mision 100m Argentina Intl 2  45 hour
Quicksilver 100k California PAC 5  16 hour
Rio Del Lago 100m California West 11  Finisher
Thunder Rock 100m Tennessee South 5  Finisher
Zugspitz 100k Germany Intl 6  22 hour

Removed Race Distance State/Country Region Month Time
Arkansas Traveler 100m Arkansas South 10  Finisher
GlassHouse 100K 100k Australia Intl 9   16 hour
GlassHouse 100M 100m Australia Intl 9  Finisher
Magredi Mountain Trail (MMT) 100 100m Italy Intl 9 Finisher
Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) 100k Colorado West 9  16 hour
Oil Creek 100m Pennsylvania Mid-A 10  Finisher

Hopefully more options are a good thing!

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