Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Perfect Honeymoon for Trail Runners - His/Her National Championships!

What do trail runners do on their honeymoon? Well, if you are newlyweds David and Megan Roche, you get hitched at 10,000 feet, spend a week running and biking through Colorado, then zip over to North Carolina to pick up his-and-her USATF 10k National Championships and a couple of spots of Team USA for the World Championships in Italy.

(Calling all sponsors - adorability factor is beyond category)
Phew! I'm tired just typing it!

(How much shwag do you get when husband and wife make Team USA? Boo-yah!)
(They clean up nice too)
Be sure to check out their delightful blog post about the whole week, complete with starting line burps and fairy tale pictures. It is quite a story, and I get the impression we will be seeing a lot of these two.

Good luck in Italy, Mr. and Mrs. Roche!

- SD


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