Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pine to Palm 100m, Here I Come!

After my smack down lesson in "work/life balance doesn't include adding two ton bricks to both sides of the scale" and DNS'ing at the Tahoe Rim Trail 100m, I've rejiggered the schedule and will be headed to...

...the Pine to Palm 100-Mile Endurance Run on Sept 14th! Yes, 20,000' of climbing goodness at the Oregon/California border, ending in my former hometown of Ashland, OR, all put on by the amazing team at Rogue Valley Runners. Plenty of blog-worthy photo ops for sure.

I try to have at least one 100m on the calendar each year for the challenge and variety, but with Craig Thornley's new entry standards for Western States, I pretty much HAVE to have one to keep those WS lottery hopes alive. I don't want to start back at one lottery ticket, right?!? It's bad enough I am willing to run 100 miles of mountains for a belt I'm going to do it for a chance to win a lottery slot to do it again! Although the Pine to Palm buckle does look pretty awesome all by itself...

 My Dad has volunteered to crew, and I've got enough time to properly prepare. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

- SD


  1. Woot! I'm nervous as shit, my first 100..and it's going to be quite the adventure. :)

    1. Nice!!! Let's get a pic at the start! If you aren't nervous, you're doing it wrong. ;-)

      I'm sure you'll kill it!

    2. For sure, thanks Scott! Hey I'm curious if you might have time to share, "The top 3 things I wish I had done on my first 100mile race day"?

  2. Scott, I've registered for the Grindstone 100 for the exact same reason - so I'll have 4 tickets in the WS lottery. Have to keep that small percentage of hope alive somehow.

  3. I am running Grindstone for a Hardrock lottery:) The things we do...Oregon is beautiful, and they upped their game, so it should be a blast!

  4. Good luck Scott! Jealous you get to run in Oregon. I am going to make sure I run there in 2015 if not sooner.

  5. See you there! My first 100 miler. *gulp*


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