Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Trails In Motion Film Festival Coming to Sunnyvale, CA on Aug 7th & 14th

The Trails In Motion Film Festival is returning to California! On August 7th and 14th at 6pm, Robert Rhoades and the BayTrailrunners will host this fine collection of trail running-related films on the big screen at Sports Basement in Sunnyvale, CA. Tickets are selling quickly - you can get yours at UltraSignup.

I attended the Trails In Motion Film Festival in Ithaca, NY, a few weeks ago and it is truly a blast! Each of the 11 short films/documentaries present an intimate glimpse into our beloved sport from all over the globe, whether it’s Spanish trail running champion Emelie Lecomte setting an FKT on the GR20 in Corsica, a new mountain ultra in Borneo, Scott Jaime’s eight days of insanity on the Colorado Trail, Kilian Jornet running five races on five continents, getting a taste of daily life with Tony Krupicka in the Flatiron mountains, some of the best time-lapse footage of Hardrock you’ll ever see in Race Across the Sky, following Krissy Moehl through the Zion Traverse as she sets an FKT, and more. The personalities shine, the scenery is inspiring, and the films are all beautifully produced. It quickly becomes clear that “our people” are everywhere and making the world shine.

I will be playing host with Magdalena Boulet and Dylan Bowman on August 7th, while Victor Ballesteros and Bree Lambert will be your guides on August 14th. Bring a trail running friend or two! I hope to see you there. Get tickets while they last!


  1. For all you hungry runners, we will have Off The Grid stationed right outside the door during the show! Enjoy fine food truck cuisine from all over the Bay Area. www.offthegridsf.com. Free beer and other beverages will be provided by Sports Basement! Looking forward to seeing you there! Rob Rhodes

  2. in UltraSignup. It's a pity because I can not go that day. Because there are so many things.

  3. it is good to keep running~ XD

  4. Congratulations, you will playing host with Magdalena Boulet, it is an honor. Good luck


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