Saturday, January 04, 2014

Ultrarunning May Add 16 Years To Your Life (Herald Sun News)

New research from Australia reveals that running long-distance runs can slow the ageing process by protecting telomeres, the part of the body that stops the genes from fraying. There's still a lot to learn about how telomeres work, and this was a fairly small study, but the early evidence is fascinating. You can read the full story at the Herald Sun News.

(Fauja Singh ran a marathon at age 100 in 2011 - so can you if you keep at it!)
The Federation University Australia School of Health Sciences Professor Fadi Charchar and PhD student Joshua Denham analyzed the DNA of 67 ultra marathon runners to see what the impact of running long distances had on the length of their telomeres. Runners in the study had an average age of 43, but their biological age was just 27. They are now also looking to see if similar results can be achieved with high-intensity interval training.

Telomeres are structures are made up of DNA and protein and act as protective caps on the ends of chromosomes, and influence how quickly cells age. The shorter the telomeres become over time; the faster the cells deteriorate. The findings, to be presented at the Australian Society for Medical Research National Conference, found ultra-marathon runners clocking up 40-100 km a week had 11 per cent longer telomeres.

"This 11 per cent difference adds 16 years to your life expectancy," Prof Charchar said.

So not only does it make you feel better, it could be adding years to your life!


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  2. Majority of the people in the study still had telomere length similar to the people who do not run. only a few had longer telomeres. Besides, one can draw straight line through any random points on graph. I have never seen such a poor correlation coefficient.

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