Sunday, July 28, 2013

USATF Announces US Mountain Running Team for 2013

[Update - Megan Lizotte will be replacing Stevie Kremer on the Women's team]

Seventeen top runners earned slots on the 2013 U.S. Mountain Running Team, and will be headed to Poland for the 29th World Mountain Running Championships on September 8th.

The Senior Men's team earned their slots at the 26th annual Cranmore Hill Climb, this years USA Mountain Running Championships, and will race a 13.56km course in Poland. The team includes:
  • Joe Gray (Renton, WA), who won Cranmore overall to garner his 6th US team slot
  • Max King (Bend, OR), 2011 World Mountain Running Champion, making his 3rd team
  • Glenn Randall (Mesa, CO), making his second team
  • Zachary Ornelas (Ann Arbor, MI), making his first team
  • Ryan Hafer (Colorado Springs, CO), making his first team
  • Alex Nichols (Colorado Springs, CO), making his first team
The Senior Women's team also earned their slots at Cranmore, and will be racing a 9km course at Worlds. Cranmore winner Morgan Arittola turned down her slot, making the following team:
  • Stevie Kremer (Crested Butte, CO), making her second team*
  • Magdalena Lewy-Boulet (Oakland, CA), the 2008 Marathon Olympian, making her first team
  • Megan Kimmel (Silverton, CO), making her third team
  • Christine Lundy (Sausalito, CA), making her fifth team
  • Megan Lizotte (Basalt, CO), making her fourth team
There will also be a Junior Men's and Junior Women's Team, both selected based on resume, who will race a 9km course in Poland. They include:
  • Jordan Chavez (Southlake, TX), University of Richmond
  • Cal Deline (Vail, CO), Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy
  • John Lawson (Forest Knolls, CA), UCLA
  • Danny Martinez (Alhambra, CA), University of Polrtland
  • Emma Abrahamson (Carlsbad, CA), La Costa Canyon High School
  • Mandy Ortiz (Eagle, CO) University of Colorado - Boulder
  • Tabor Scholl (Colorado Springs, CO), West Grand High School
You can read more about them here, and follow them at Twitter at @USMRT.

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