Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who Wants a Gorgeous USATF Trophy for Free? The Phidippides Award Could Be Yours...

Calling all shwag hags! The Phidippides Award, presented by USA Track and Field (USATF) and National Masters News, is a gorgeous plaque given to Masters athletes who rack up lots of races in a single year. It's also, conveniently, free! If you're a USATF member, that is. But my guess is that most of the people reading this have been qualifying for years and probably didn't know this was available. Maybe another award is the last thing you need hogging up your "Me Wall", but for those who don't mind a little more bling-bling, this one ain't bad.
As you look at your calendar for 2013, be sure to download the Phidippides Award application and fill in your races as you go. The points system is straight-forward, age-adjusted, and accommodates races from the 5k on up. Here's a quick glimpse of the scoring system:

5 km - 5 mile 1 point
10 km - 15 km 2 points
10 mile - 1/2 Marathon 3 points
25 km - Marathon 4 points

At the end of the year the following point totals will determine the level of award the runner is eligible to receive.

                        40-59 yrs. 60-79 yrs. 80+ yrs.

Gold Award    20 points 16 points 8 points
Silver Award   16 points 12 points 4 points
Bronze Award 12 points 8 points 2 points

Last year, about 340 runners picked up a Gold Award. Be sure to add your name to the list for 2013!

- SD


  1. From review of your application to confirmation of races, how long does it take to receive the award?


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