Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome back to Team inov-8!

(Running with camera, of course!)
I'm excited to be returning to Team inov-8 for 2013! This great brand has really stepped up their team this year, building an international roster that covers ultras, short course trail running, CrossFit, obstacle running, orienteering, triathlons, and even some road runners. Such an eclectic mix!

I am particularly excited they are "putting the band back together" by bringing back some of the old gang, while also pulling in some new talent. The line up includes stellar runners such as Way Too Cool champion Gary Gellin, ultra animal Yassine Diboun, world stage competitor Ben Nephew, Gold medal mountain runner Amber Reece-Young, Colorado alpinist Joe Grant, 100-mile speedster Josh Katzman, Indulgence film director and trail nut Alex Nichols, current trail marathon national champion Cody Moat, Pacific Northwest speedster Maria Dalzot, the unstoppable DoubleJ Jim Johnson, Masters superstar Mark Lundblad, BGID (Beard Getting It Done) Peter Maksimow, many more athletes I hope to meet soon, and a deep roster of international stars.

I'm not sure if the new "#committed" campaign means "committed to win" or "needs to be committed to an institution". Given this team, either would apply. But I'm thrilled to be a part of these crazy band of warriors either way!

Also happy to be running for Team Inside Trail Racing (awesome California trail races), Team Injinji (socks that save your toes), and a proud ambassador of Vespa (optimize your fat burning), First Endurance (supplements), S!Caps (by far the best electrolytes on the market), and ZombieRunner (store with the ultrarunning goodies). With all this help, I am seriously out of excuses. Time to get 'er done.


  1. Scott - this post reinspired me to consider seeking sponsorship. Then your comment gave me the additional boot in the arse. Thanks man.

  2. Congrats on getting the sponsorship!
    you are living my dream.

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