Friday, February 15, 2013

Alberto Salazar Story - Now In 8-bit Video! (plus Millrose Games, Lance/Oprah)

Digital artist Nick Criscuolo has created an 8-bit video (think "old Nintendo") mini-biopic of running and coaching legend Alberto Salazar. Great stuff, and I love the retro-digital-throw-back media.

Also, a quick note to set your DVR's for the Millrose Games, live on ESPN3 tomorrow @ 7pm EST, and again on ESPN on Sunday @ 8pm EST. The Millrose Games has a long history of record-setting at the wicked fast Armory indoor track, and all the stars will be there.

Lastly, for those still hanging onto the Lance Armstrong/Oprah/confession meme, comedian Bill Burr has a nice summary:


  1. Now I have to google "Oprah and midgets"

  2. Lance wasn't hurting anyone? Sure he was. Anyone who cheats is hurting their sport and those who want to compete without having to do drugs. And in Lances case, he tried to destroy anyone who dated speak up about his cheating. And sorry Scott, but your oak Kiki kept silent while he did so. Not very nice of her.


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