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Mike Morton and Ellie Greenwood Named 2012 Ultra Runners of the Year for 2012 Morton and Greenwood Named Ultra Runners of the Year by UltraRunning Magazine

Two ultrarunners with insane 2012 resumes - Mike Morton of Lithia, Florida and Ellie Greenwood of North Vancouver, British Columbia - have been voted the 2012 UltraRunning magazine North American ultramarathon runners of the year, as many had expected. Below are bio excerpts from the press release put out by UltraRunning Magazine.

(Photo by Jan Vandendriessche)
Morton, 41, a Master Sergeant in the US Army Special Operations Command, won all five races he entered in 2012, including Badwater, a 135-mile race across Death Valley in July. He set course records at both the Umstead 100-Mile Race in North Carolina and the KEYS 100-Mile Race in the Florida Keys. His year culminated in winning the World 24-Hour Championships at Katowice, Poland, where set an American record with 172.457 miles.

(Photo by Glenn Tachiyama)
Greenwood, who won for the second straight year, was a unanimous winner for the women, placing first on all 24 ballots. Originally from Fife, Scotland, she has lived in Canada for the past 13 years. Greenwood, 33, won the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run in June, breaking the women’s course record set in 1994 by the legendary Ann Trason. In all, she won eight ultramarathon races during the year, including a course record win at the venerable JFK 50 Mile in Maryland.

Both of these runners are amazing, particularly to win amongst such a deserving field. Take a look at who else received top votes and you get the idea - Tim Olson and his CR at Western States, Max King and his multiple CR's and victories, and more. Below are the stats on how the votes from the 24 members came out. Congrats to all on great performances!


  1. Both very well deserved wins. Looking at the list of race achievements by individuals during 2012 brings it home to me what a fantastic year of performances we have had. Here's to whats to come in 2013 :)

  2. Awesome! Both are so deserving!

    Super surprised not to see Debbie Horn receiving votes in the Age Group category. Not only did she (most likely) qualify for the 24 Hour Team AGAIN(at 52 years old), she set another 100 mile age group record at Desert Solstice (breaking her own from last year).

  3. Mike Morton was simply incredible and it will be exciting to follow his return to Western States in 2013. I look forward also to meeting him when I am in Florida next week.

  4. Extreme trail running
    20 degree grade over the entire 5 miles.
    Dan Howitt of Oregon set official records in 2011 and 2012, planned to run with Ryan Bak in 2013 spring. has some photos/video and trail information.

  5. Micheal Arnstien !! Though mo fo !

  6. Rhonda Clairadge , 2 nd. Hard. Rock ,,,,


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