Sunday, September 30, 2012

Max King - 3 Titles, 3 Distances, One Week. He is the KING!

Bend, OR's Max King, known for his crazy back-to-back race schedule even among his Team Montrail colleagues, has had a helluva streak this week. Last Saturday (9/23), he won the Flagline 50k, defending his USATF 50k Trail Championship. He then flew to Ogden, UT (9/24), to win the XTerra National Trail Run Championship (21k) for the fifth time. Impressive for sure, but Max has won that double before. This time he upped the ante by winning the prestigious Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) 100k for an additional $5,000 payday yesterday. Way to go, Max!

(2012 USATF 50k Trail Champion)
(XTerra National Trail Run Champion)
(UROC Champion)
What a season he is having! I really enjoyed watching him represent the trail running clan at the USA Olympic Trials this year (16th in the marathon with a 2:14, 6th in the Steeplechase with an 8:30). He is simply on fire!

BTW, he's set up on Twitter now...@MaxKingOR if you want to follow.


  1. Max will also throw down a sub 30 min 10k. The most versatile runner out there right now. Go Max!


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