Saturday, August 04, 2012

Mo Farah Wins Gold in 2012 Olympic 10,000 Meters, Rupp Gets Silver

Britian's Mo Farah took the lead at the bell lap and took it all the way to gold, to the screaming delight of a packed stadium. His training partner, USA's Galen Rupp, took silver with a mean kick in the last 200 meters to get the last few places. Amazing!


  1. So inspired by Mo and Galen. They had a plan and worked their asses off. Awesome to see it work out.

    Alberto Salazar: “We do speed consistently year round. We never give the body anything that it’s not accustomed to. I don’t believe in systems like the Lydiard system where they times of no speed. The body likes consistency. We always have some of it in the mix. We just use different intensities at different times of the year.
    “In some of their recent workouts, Galen and Mo have been running 51-52 pace for 300 or 400. That’s at the end of a workout. Galen ran an 11-second 100 two days ago. That was at the end of a workout, too, from a two-step start, and it wasn’t all out. I told him the other day: You have a chance to win, but only if you wait and don’t sprint until the last 100."

  2. Terrific effort. Inspiring. Hard work pays off. Chris Kelley - Framingham.

  3. I missed the race and can't find it anywhere. We don't have cable, so the NBC site won't let me log in.
    Anyone know of a workaround?
    NBC sucks.


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