Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012 US Olympic Trial TV Schedule

Track Town USA is geared up and ready to go, and the USA Track & Field Olympic Trials are starting this week. It's going to be great! Here is the TV schedule so you can set your DVR's:

Viewing information is included below and on Of course, the Twitter feeds will also be a-flowin'.

Note: All times listed below are Pacific Time unless otherwise noted.  

Friday, June 22 — TV COVERAGE: 6-8 PM PST on NBCSN

3:10 PM Men’s 400m First Round
3:35 PM Women’s 400m First Round
5:00 PM Women’s 800m First Round
5:20 PM Men’s 800m First Round
5:40 PM Women’s 100m Hurdles First Round
6:00 PM Women’s 100m Qualifying
6:45 PM Men’s 10,000m Final
7:20 PM Women’s 10,000m Final

Saturday, June 23 –TV COVERAGE: 8-9 PM EST/PST on NBC

3:15 PM Women’s 110m Hurdles Semifinals
3:40 PM Women’s 100m Semifinals
4:00 PM Men’s 100m Qualifying
4:30 PM Women’s 800m Semifinals
4:45 PM Men’s 800m Semifinals
5:00 PM Men’s 400m Semifinals
5:15 PM Women’s 400m Semifinals
5:45 PM Women’s 100m Hurdles Finals
5:52 PM Women’s 100m Finals

Sunday, June 24 – TV COVERAGE: 7-8 PM EST/PST on NBC

2:30 PM Men’s 100m Semifinals
4:20 PM Men’s 400m Finals
4:35 PM Women’s 400m Finals
4:48 PM Men’s 100m Finals

Monday, June 25 — TV COVERAGE: 6-8 PM EST on NBCSN

4:50 PM Women’s 3000m Steeplechase Qualifying
5:25 PM Men’s 3000m Steeplechase Qualifying
6:05 PM Women’s 5000m Qualifying
6:50 PM Women’s 800m Finals
7:00 PM Men’s 5000m Qualifying
7:47 PM Men’s 800m Finals

Tuesday, June 26


Wednesday, June 27


Thursday, June 28 — TV COVERAGE: 6-9 PM PST on NBCSN

4:20 PM Women’s 1500m Qualifying
4:50 PM Men’s 1500m Qualifying
5:30 PM Women’s 400m Hurdles Qualifying
6:00 PM Men’s 400m Hurdles Qualifying
6:30 p.m. Men’s 3000m Steeplechase Finals
6:45 PM Women’s 200m Qualifying
7:15 PM Women’s 5000m Finals
7:38 PM Men’s 5000m Finals

Friday, June 29 — TV COVERAGE: 3-5 PM EST on NBCSN

1:45 PM Men’s 200m Qualifying
3:00 PM Women’s 200m Semifinals
3:20 PM Women’s 400m Hurdles Semifinals
3:35 PM Men’s 400m Hurdles Semifinals
3:45 PM Women’s 1500m Semifinals
4:05 PM Men’s 110m Hurdles Qualifying
4:25 PM Men’s 1500m Semifinals
4:45 PM Women’s 3000m Steeplechase Finals

Saturday, June 30 — TV COVERAGE: 9-10 PM EST/PST on NBC

4:20 PM Men’s 110m Hurdles Semi-Finals
6:00 PM Men’s 200m Semi-Finals
6:40 PM Men’s 110m Hurdles Finals
6:50 PM Women’s 200m Finals

Sunday, July 1 — TV COVERAGE: 7-8 PM EST-PST on NBC

4:02 PM Women’s 400m Hurdles Finals
4:12 PM Men’s 400m Hurdles Finals
4:23 PM Women’s 1500m Finals
4:37 PM Men’s 1500m Finals
4:50 PM Men’s 200m Finals

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