Saturday, April 07, 2012

New Neighbors - Two Bald Eagles!

(One of two American bald eagles nesting in Lower Crystal Springs, San Mateo County, CA, courtesy of JIayi Chong)
New neighbors moved in down the hill. Bald eagles! The first to nest here in over a century, and they are about eight miles from our home. Welcome!

The nest is nearly five feet wide and one foot deep to hold the couple and their two eggs. If fertile, the eaglets will be here in a couple of weeks! Pretty fun for us Californians.


  1. That is SO cool! Come on eaglets!

  2. Fantastic. Such awesome, big birds. We have them in CO but it was six years until I saw one with my own eyes, ironically on a mundane lunch break at a suburban lake. It dwarfed the huge crow nearby, which was scamming its fishing scraps.

  3. Great image, and thanks for the good news about their return to the area. I hope it goes well for 'em.

    MtnRunner2 is right: The size of so many bird species is just amazing, whether it is owls, eagles, hawks or the crows you mention.

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  6. Scott if you are not running on Sunday and are coming to Boston that day I have an extra ticket to the red sox game if you want to come with me. We tried this last year but you could not make it. Let me know. Steve fitzgerald

  7. Great job today at Boston! Hubs and I tracked the bloggers we follow, you took first among the group, fun to watch your little tickers make their way across the map.
    3:07 in that heat is no joke!!

  8. This post is very inspiring. Seeing these bald eagles in the wild is very rare and heart warming. Let us save our environment today and NOW!

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