Sunday, October 23, 2011

Found a Body On My Run Today

Just finishing up a 12-miler in Purisima Open Space Preserve on a beautiful Saturday morning, and there it was...just a couple of feet sticking out of a grassy section, and a perplexed fingernail-biting cyclist who had clearly recently stumbled upon it. Before I could even get a few words out, the Sheriff was making his way down the fire road in his cruiser and pulled out a body bag. Whoa.

The police quickly summarized it looked more like a suicide than an accident. I selfishly thought "that's too bad...he missed one of the best sunrises all year long". But I suspect he was in the shadow of bigger demons.

So in case this doesn't go without saying, if you're thinking about ending it all in one of the parks near my neighborhood, at least wait long enough for us to have one more sunrise run and a breakfast beer. It just might be enough to live for.

Give your loved ones an extra hug today...

- SD


  1. How scary! A part of me heaved a sigh of relief though that you are not dealing with a killer in your neck of the woods.

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  3. I ran through Huddart Saturday morning. As I ran along Skyline Trail I saw the coroner's vehicle and all the sheriff's cars. I figured it was a speeding motorcyclist or a bicyclist that got hit. Not sure if this is better or worse. It just is. :-(

  4. Hot damn!! I would totally freak out, and I was just running Huddart Park on Wed, I was there for a short run and I did not see a single soul out there for the whole hour........I may pee in my pants and unable to get myself out of the park!! Wow.
    By the way, I finished Nike, and you are not kidding when u said tough course... I know for you all regular trail runners, those hills are nothing, but they traumatized me!! So I'm gonna run more trails to make myself stronger!!!!

  5. Sad. I had an experience sorta like this a long time ago... it wasn't on the trail, but rather we found him as we were driving along a country road. It was also said to be a suicide. Very disturbing and sad.

  6. Scott, I really liked and appreciated the sentiment at the end of this post. Thanks. Something for us all to keep in mind.


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