Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Way Too Cool 50k Announces New Course for 2011

Julie Fingar, Race Director for the Way Too Cool 50k (WTC), announced a new course for 2011 that makes use of more of the great single track trails in the area and removes the potential for collisions by re-routing the 2-way section. The WTC Web site is now updated, including a great video walk-through.

I really like the layout of the new course. Lots more single track, a longer stretch along the river, no more Ball Bearing climb from hell, and a chance to go flat out the whole way. I know it's tough to change a course that has been around for decades (Julie crossed that road when making it an actual 50k two years back as the new RD), but serious kudos to Julie and her team for kicking this great course up a notch. Well done!

The lottery for WTC opens today on UltraSignUp, so be sure to put your name in before the 12th (drawing on the 15th).

I will have to skip the fun this year, since baby #2 is due on the same day. To Christi's credit, one of her first comments when finding out the due date was "well, so much for Cool". Gotta love a spouse who has the ultra calendar memorized. :-)

- SD


  1. No out and back means no potential misread of flags. My money is on Roes for the win!

  2. Thoughts from an other "Dunlap" that I thought I should share with you....


  3. Whoa...that's kinda scary to read "Dunlap" in that story! Maybe if he kept to the trails... ;)

  4. Baby #2? Awesome, Scott! Congratulations to you, Christie and Sophie. And yes, it is golden to have a spouse who realizes the importance of the ultra schedule. :) Appreciate it.

  5. I'm training for an Ironman:

  6. Hello there Scott and company, I'm Jeremy Stersky from London England. While I'm certainly nowhere near IronMan status at yet - or in the near future - I certainly aspire towards such stellar status. If I could compete in 3 events and prove my worth in land and water, then I'd surely start my own sports blog too. I do enjoy a challenge and you guys are the ultimate inspiration for improvement. What a rush! Reading your stories of trails and exploits is always invigorating - even though I've only taken an interest in this type of sport. But I'm already on track - excuse the pun - with 18km a day and trying to increase it to 21 within the week. Any tips on how to push the limits ever further? Much obliged -

    Jeremy Stersky - fan and friend -


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