Tuesday, September 07, 2010

In the Moment - Profile of Ashland's Tim Olson (Mail Tribune)

The Mail Tribune has a great profile article on Ashland, OR's Tim Olson, the recent winner of the 2010 Where's Waldo 100k (with a screaming fast 9 hrs 25 minutes). Tim talks about how he got into ultrarunning, how it helps him as a massage therapist, his personal philosophy, and competing in the upcoming Pine-to-Palm 100-miler. Plus it's got one of the best in-race profile photos I have ever seen (above). ;-)

Favorite quote:

"A huge key in life, why I love to run and massage, is to bring me into the
present moment. There's nothing beside the present moment," says Olson. "When
you're aware of what's going on and you're not concerned with the past or the
future, you're just in that moment, and you're able to do amazing things."

Read the rest here!

- SD


  1. That is a grate photo of Tim. Hard core!

  2. Thanks Scott for putting up the article!
    Happy trails,

  3. Stupid hippie, Eat a steak.

  4. Tim, you are getting wicked fast! Best of luck at Pine-to-Palm!

  5. FYI. The photo was taken by Laurie Monico on the summit of Fuji Mtn.


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