Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jez Bragg, Lizzy Hawker Win Truncated 2010 Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc

(Lizzy Hawker on her way to a win)

Severe rain and fog forced organizers of the 2010 Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc to cancel the full event, choosing to instead race a 100km version the following day. British runners Jez Bragg (10:30:37) and Lizzy Hawker (11:47:30) won that event which traced the Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix course. Fellow North Face athlete Mike Wolfe followed Bragg by 7 minutes. The Grough has a press recap.

(Jez Bragg wins the UTMB)

Top results (full results here):

1 Jez BRAGG 10:30:37 Royaume-Uni
2 Mike WOLFE 10:37:38 Etats-Unis
3 Zigor ITURRIETA 10:49:18 Espagne
4 Julien CHORIER 10:53:45 France
5 Cyril COINTRE 10:56:41 France
5 Patrick BOHARD 10:56:41 France
5 Thomas SAINT 10:56:41 France
5 Antoine GUILLON 10:56:41 France
5 Jerome CHALLIER 10:56:41 France
10 Pascal BLANC 11:08:56 France
11 Dawa SHERPA 11:14:19 Népal
11 Kenichi YAMAMOTO 11:14:19 Japon
13 Bernhard HUG 11:19:24 Suisse
14 Bastien BRAVAIS 11:27:37 France
15 Vincent DELEBARRE 11:29:03 France
16 Arnau JULIA 11:35:17 Espagne
17 Karl MELTZER 11:40:28 Etats-Unis
18 Samuel BONAUDO 11:45:37 France
19 Lizzy HAWKER 11:47:30 Royaume-Uni
20 Bruno BOTTOLLIER 11:53:04 France

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  1. I love trail running just a part of my exercise. It is really nice to join this running event.


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