Thursday, July 29, 2010

Montrail Doubles Down for 2010-11 Ultra Cup, Extends Western States Entries

The Montrail Ultra Cup, arguably the most competitive ultra series out there, announced that the prize purses will be doubled for the 2010-11 season along with some new races and rule changes. Very nice! Good news for Glen Redpath and Meghan Arbogast, who picked up the wins for 2009-2010.

The highlights:
  • Prize purse doubled to $16,000, with $5k to the winner
  • New 50-miler added in Colorado
  • Same point structure as last year, with an additional 15 point bonus for race winners
  • The first "slide down" option for Western States entries; if 1st or 2nd place finishers already have a Western States entry, then the 3rd place finisher will get a chance (it stops sliding down at 3rd, unfortunately)
You can read more about it on the Montrail blog.

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