Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day Specials @ XTerra

It's Tax Day here in the US, and XTerra is offering a one day special on many of their races to help cheer you up! Too bad entry fees aren't deductible (medical expense?).

I'm looking forward to the Boston Marathon in a few days, although I won't be able to give it my best shot thanks to an unexpected bike crash on Sunday. The scrapes and bruises are healing, but I've got some minor whiplash and my left butt cheek is still 25% bigger than my right. Too bad the Boston course doesn't turn to the left. ;-)

My thanks to Giro Helmets for their great products. This is the second time one of their helmets has collapsed correctly on impact and saved my noggin. Better than life insurance, I tell ya. I would much rather buy a new helmet and bike than try and learn how to chew again.

(pasted from e-mail)

XTERRA Tax Day Race Relief

With the dreaded tax day deadline quickly approaching, XTERRA wants to give you some financial relief by offering a one-day discount for a few of our 2010 trail runs. This Thursday, April 15th, register for one or more of these events for just $15 each. This offer is good for one day only, so don't miss out on this special rate. Register Thursday!

$15 on the 15th!

XTERRA Lake Las Vegas 5/10/21km Runs - Henderson, NV - April 24, 2010

XTERRA Waco 5/10/21km Trail Runs - Waco, TX - May 22, 2010

XTERRA Oak Mountain 5/10/21km Mud Runs - Pelham, AL - June 12, 2010

XTERRA Richmond 21km Xduro and Fugitive 10km Trail Run - Richmond, VA - June 19, 2010

XTERRA Bend 5/10km Trail Runs - Bend, OR - September 18, 2010

XTERRA Wheeler Canyon 21km Xduro Trail Run - Ogden, UT - September 25, 2010

XTERRA Makena Beach 5/10km Trail Runs - Makena, Maui, HI - October 23, 2010

XTERRA Kualoa 5/10km Trail Runs - Oahu, HI - December 5, 2010

For more information about the XTERRA Trail Run Series, visit or call 877-XTERRA-1.


  1. Looks like someone is going to be clearing out their early oct schedule. congrats!

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  3. New to your site. Probably late, but best wishes in the BM. I have just started to take on some trails. I am loving the difference already. Looking forward to future posts here. Take care, maybe just turn to the left as you run? lol

  4. Have you heard of the Dances with Dirt Trail Series? Started in Hell, Michigan and now events in Gnaw Bone, Indiana; Devil's Lake, WI; and Green Swamp, FL. Noticing a theme there? I'm trying to spread the word and found your site both entertaining and informative so thought you might be able to help. Please send an e-mail when you get a chance. Thanks and hope Boston turned out better than expected!


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