Thursday, March 25, 2010

XTerra Launches The XTerra Planet Magazine

TEAM Unlimited, the owners and producers of XTERRA, today launched "The XTERRA Planet" - a quarterly magazine dedicated to the people, places and races of XTERRA.It's really well done, and I'm not just saying that because I'm featured in it as "one of the most successful trail running bloggers of our time". Doh! Look out Dean Machine, the Dunlap marketing engine is revving up!

Honestly though, they did a good job of writing up an article with blogging and photo tips and some of my favorite pics from the last couple of years. You can see it in the free preview at (although it's a bit hard to read when you zoom). And the layout and photos of XTERRA are gorgeous!

Some info from their press release:

The name for the publication is a spoof on the fictitious “Daily Planet,” the Metropolis newspaper that employed Clark Kent (aka Superman). And, just like that periodical, The XTERRA Planet will cover the exploits of superheroes in our community.

“We’ve been building this magnificent collection of story ideas and images since our first race back in 1996, and now with this magazine we’ll be able to showcase the amazing people and incredible photography we’ve gathered along the way,” said Trey Garman, the magazine’s editor and vice president of XTERRA.

“The fact is we have created a very tight knit community who genuinely care about each other and I think our Tribe is really going to enjoy seeing the pictures and reading the stories about each other’s adventures,” said Dave Nicholas, the managing director of XTERRA who pens the “Kahuna’s Korner” column.

The late Steve Larsen graces the cover of the inaugural issue, a tribute to a man who made great contributions to XTERRA through the years.

“It was just 10 months ago when many of us were gathered around Steve at the pool at Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort after the XTERRA West Cup and talking about the good times we’ve had together,” said Janet Clark, the publisher and president of XTERRA.

“With this first issue we wanted to seize the opportunity to remember Steve and help spread the word about a few initiatives that are taking place on his behalf. In particular, community leaders in Davis, California are building a bike plaza in Steve’s honor and we hope those in our community that have the means to help will do so, as it’s a deserving project that will perpetuate the legacy of a great friend.”

Other features include dramatic photo spreads, a “Tracking the Tribe” piece on Jamie Whitmore’s “Miracle Twins” and other new additions to the XTERRA family, a destination feature on Henderson, Nevada where the XTERRA West Championship will be held, fun Q and A’s with the sports biggest stars, updates from races around the world dubbed “Podium Notes”, a “whatever happened to” feature focused on 2001 XTERRA World Champ Anke Erlank, and a story on one of the most successful trail run bloggers of our time.

To see a free preview of the magazine and to purchase a hard copy, visit
This first issue is on sale for just $5 through March 21, and $6 thereafter (plus shipping). Comments to the Editor, Trey Garman, should be addressed to


  1. "This first issue is on sale for just $5 through March 21..."

    ...posted on March 25th. Doh!

  2. Scott-
    Unrelated to XTerra. Have followed your blog for a while, and by chance met Brian Drue in a carpool this morning while I was studying a TRT map. (Interestingly he is a fraternatiy brother of a good friend and training partner of mine--we all live within Lamorinda.) He mentioned we will all be running the TRT-endurance runs in July. I was studying the maps in preparation for a September 4-day run of the entire TRT with a smallish supported group. I suggested he join us, to which he responded you may be a bit more interested than he. Thought I would toss it out; you appear to have a conflict on 9/25, but if things change or this sounds more interesting I'm happy to provide further details. Sorry to post this here, but couldn't find an alternative on your site.
    Ps, see you in Bean-town.

  3. mweston - Yeah, I think that was a typo. I believe it went on sale on March 21st, and likely will never go off sale. ;-)

    Carter - Hey, that's great! TRT in July, and a full round of TRT in September. That sounds crazy cool. I'll keep it in mind should my September plans change. I'm at scottdunlap [at] if you want to e-mail direct.


  4. Congrats on being featured in the magazine, that's pretty neat! I'll have to give it a read as I am always looking for new magazines!

  5. Hello Scott,
    I'm a french runner (and also blogger). I've ordered this first issue of the XTERRA Planet magazine from France. It gives me the opportunity to discover your blog which is really great ! Congratulations !!!
    I have very apreciated your advices concerning the way to cover a race from the inside. I will try to follow them as far as possible for my own blog. You are a great example !
    Thanks a lot.


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