Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dathan Ritzenhein, Shalane Flanagan Win USA Cross Country Championships

Olympians and all-around running superstars Dathan Ritzenheim and Shalane Flanagan dominated the USA Cross Country Championships in Spokane, WA, this weekend. This was Dathan's third and Shalane's fourth national cross country title.

 (Dathan Ritzenhein, photo courtesy of Photorun.net)

Joining Dathan (34:34 for 12k) on the national team are Minnesotan Patrick Smyth (34:52), Chico, CA's Scott Bauhs (35:01), fellow Eugene, OR runner Ben Bruce (35:16), Admore, PA's Bobby Curtis (35:22), and Gresham, OR's Ryan Vail (35:25).

 (Shalane Flanagan, photo courtesy of Photorun.net)

Shalane (25:10 for 8k) led by 51 seconds, with 10k superstar Molly Huddle (26:01), Flagstaff, AZ's Amy Hastings (26:09), Olympian Magdelena Lewy Boulet (26:09), Boulder's Rene Metivier Baillie (26:26), and Mammoth Lake, CA's Sara Hall (26:27) rounding out the team.

RunOhio does an awesome job recapping the races if you would like to read more.

- SD

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  1. What's up with the guys running 12k and the girls running only 8? I thought only tennis pulled that sexist crap. Do they think the women can't handle the distance?


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