Friday, December 18, 2009

USATF Expands Trail Championship Schedule for 2010

USA Track & Field (USATF) has added a few new trail running championship distances, as well as shifted some venues for 2010. Pacific Northwest runners are definitely going to find their fair share of opportunities to garner a USATF medallion this year - congratulations, race directors!

Here's the preliminary schedule of trail and ultra USATF championship races:

March 7 - USATF 50k Road Championship, Caumsett 50k, Long Island, NY

April 10 - USATF 100k Road Championship, Mad City 100k, Madison, WI

June 12 - USATF Trail Half Marathon Championship, Dirty Half Marathon, Bend, OR

June 19 - USATF Mountain Running Championship, Mt. Washington Hill Climb, Gorham, NH

July 31 - USATF Trail 15k Championship, TBD, Spokane, WA*

July 31 - USATF Trail 50 Mile Championship, White River 50, White River, WA

July 31 - USATF Trail 100 Mile Championship, Burning River 100, Burning River, OH

Aug 28 - USATF Trail 10k Championship, Continental Divide 10k, Laurel Springs, NC

Sep 25 - USATF Trail 50k Championship, TBD, Bend, OR**

Oct 16 - USATF 50m Championship, Tussey Mountainback 50m, Boulsberg, PA

Nov 7 - USATF Trail Marathon Championship, Lithia Loop Marathon, Ashland, OR

* This is a new event that currently does not have a Web site - follow Spokane Sports for more info]

** This is a new event that currently does not have a Web site - follow Richard Bolt's blog for more info]

There is also a national Grand Prix event in the works for 2010 for those hitting four or more trail events.

The Road Runners Clubs of America (RRCA) is also having national championship races at the Umstead 100 (March 27) and the Tahoe Rim Trail 50k/50m/100m (July 17).

Wow! Lots of great events to be thinking about for next year.

- SD


  1. Scott,

    Where did you get this information? Where's Waldo, while it was the USATF 100km trail championship the last two years did not submit a bid for 2010 so being awarded the championship is news to me. And are you sure about McKenzie River 50km?

    Craig (co-RD Where's Waldo)

  2. @Craig, I have also seen this list of events, but it did not include Waldo and it listed the 50k trail championships as being in Bend. I saw it on Richard Bolt's blog,


  3. I clarified with USATF:

    Where's Waldo was listed incorrectly on their Web site. It's been removed.

    Richard Bolt clarified for me that the 50k championship will be a new race.




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