Friday, October 02, 2009

Can Geoff Roes be stopped?

(Geoff Roes post-race)

Just two weeks after setting a course record at Wasatch, Juneau, AK's Geoff Roes set a course record at the Bear 100. And he didn't squeeze a few minutes off of each record - we're talking hours. That's 6 100-mile wins and a course record on every 100-mile course he's run. Can he be stopped?!?

(Geoff sets a course record at the Wasatch 100, photo courtesy of deltaMike)

Let's hope for now he just rests. ;-)



  1. Geoff has a great blog, btw.

  2. Can Geoff Roes be stopped?

    In a word, no.

  3. If he got attacked by a grizzly bear or a pack of wolves in his next race he may slow down a bit. Stopped? No.

  4. An interesting blog! I just finished Christopher McDougall's book and went surfing for more info & inspiration. Have read several of your posts and lost myself to the numerous links. Thanks for everything you've posted.

    Can't weigh-in on the Geoff Roes debate, though he does sound unstoppable. But I wanted to cheer your first two fave films - SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION & LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE - am having both my feature-length screenwriting classes read both scripts. Glad to see you validate my choices!

    Run and write on!

  5. Who dares? Anton and Kyle are your best bets but highly erratic and as amazing as Meltzer and Jurek are(they deserve tons of credit), I think the bar has been raised to another level in recent years. Geoff Roes is America's #1 100 miler.

  6. can he be stopped? the answer is no... certainly won't be by any other runner... not at least for a long time. I think by this point it has been almost proven that if someone somehow beats him it will be due to some other factor (not to diminish the win for whoever it is if/when it happens).

    and I agree w/ Scott... Geoff has a great blog... would be nice for you to link to it in your blog post

  7. Great post, an inspiration to all. Am tackling my first every trail run in a few weeks which should be fun.

    Well done.

  8. On a flat course, maybe Akos Konya. More than 100 miles, maybe Kilian Jornet.


  9. Not likely, any time soon. Last weekend he set another record at the Mountain Masochist 50 miler in Virginia.

  10. He cleaned up Western states 100 too :)


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