Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Does It Take to Win Gold In the 90 and Over Age Group at USATF Nationals?

The astounding 93-year-old Leland McPhie could tell you, after picking up gold medals in the high jump, discus, and shot put at the USATF West Region Masters Championships in Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. That's 200+ gold medals for this 1937 collegiate champion.

A fun article on Leland here at the San Diego Times. He sounds like quite a character! I can only hope to be this active when I hit my 90's.

- SD

[props to Brian Sabin for pointing me to this]


  1. Heck, I wish I was that active in my 30's! I admire people like this and I aspire to be like them. M

  2. Many senior athletes today are taking HGH in a homeopathic oral spray form because it's safe, gentle, and allows for higher performance levels.

  3. I hope to live past 60 let alone 90. Wow!!

  4. This is awesome! So inspirational!
    BTW, Scott, I hope to see you this wknd at the AR50! It's my first 50 miler, and your blog has given me inspiration to sign up and keep training.
    I will be wearing a red sweatshirt with a shark on it before the race starts and will be surrounded by 2 doting parents ;)


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